Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Happy New Year Has Begun!

She Returned!
This past Wednesday I was at home sick when my mourning dove friend returned to our fire escape garden.

I was so happy to see her that I immediately felt better... reaffirming that a happy mind can improve the way our body feels.  : )

She ate some bird seed, drank a little water...then came over to the window and peaked inside...before she settled down in the corner of the window ledge and fell did I in the nearby bed.

Later that day, I investigated what it would take to build a bird house for a mourning dove.  I wanted her to be warm in the winter. Turns out mourning doves like very simple bird houses. So next week, while I'm visiting my family in Kansas, my brother-in-law, Doug, has agreed to cut out the wood for her new house.

And Old Friend and a New One
Today, January 1, I woke up to the New Year...put bird food and clean water out to the sound of chirping sparrows, anxious for me to finish so they could start to eat. I shut the window and counted 14 sparrows. After about 30 minutes, I heard a space age whirring sound as two mourning doves landed on the fire escape.

My mourning dove friend was back with a partner. Looks like the bird house is needed not just for keeping her warm this winter, but also for the continuing expansion of this family.

As I watched the pair, I felt a touch of anxiety...the kind that comes with new responsibility. Then, I reminded myself ... I wished for the mourning dove to return. I set in motion the building of a bird house to keep her warm and dry. I've investigated the food she should eat...I wanted her to have a mate. I've done the research, planning, work and wishing...did all that bring about the appearance of this pair?

Usually our goals and plans aren't answered so quickly, but this was a great reminder that they are answered.

So as I think of my career, as writer and illustrator, maybe it's just a longer road than getting two mourning doves to live outside my window.

A career does take research, planning, work, and wishing...just like having mourning doves outside the window.

My New Year has started off just right.
Hoping that yours has too!