Sunday, July 20, 2014

Inspiration - Hand-Stitched Felt

My latest round of finger puppets were inspired by Kata Golda's book, "Hand Stitched Felt."

The cute cover drew me in and I ordered the book.

While my finger puppets have a much different look than Kata's, I was inspired by her construction - folding a rectangle to create the puppet body.

I was also inspired by the way she made pockets for the finger puppets to be housed and carried around. My puppet purses are different from her rolled up puppet bed. However, I would not have come up with my purses if I had not seen her puppet beds.

Character Takes on a Life of Her Own

Kitty eating at Nha Trang in Chinatown
As can happen, writers/artists create a character and that character takes on a life of its own. This character does not pause for our conscious direction, but plunges forward with what I imagine is in our subconscious.

So, is the story of Kitty. She was created as a gift to my 3 year old friend, Maizie. Maizie played with her and during our day of fun, Kitty fell out of the car. Upon hearing of this, I promptly mailed Maizie a new kitten. As I turned around from the mailbox, what should I see? but Kitty on the street under a car where Maizie and her family had dropped me off the night before.

Since that moment, Kitty has been with me always. She has adventured her way through New York City, making friends, finding stray kittens (of her species) and in general, following her impulses.

You can follow Kitty's adventures on instragram at: susannapitzer

Kitty and her friend, Lucky
Kitty rescued kittens in Central Park