Sunday, May 27, 2012

What are Your Treasures?

Three Little Guinea Pigs Smaller than a Matchstick
Each week, I explore my neighborhood thrift stores searching for treasure.

The three tiny guinea pigs to the left, were my exciting find last week. Where do they come from? A game? A doll accessary? Who knows? I just know they are adorable.

For the few cents that they cost, I can afford to have them sit on the shelf above my work area and make me smile.

Thrift Stores, for those of you who don't know, are collections of donated used items - toys, books, clothing, furniture and everything else. The money made in these stores supports one or several charities.

Thrift stores, not only provide whimsical treasures, like the guinea pigs, they also provide treasure in the form of clothing and other household items for people in need and those who need or want to save money. They provide jobs for people and money for important causes. Also important, thrift stores repurpose items that would otherwise be taking up space in people's homes or landfills.

What's in your home that you no longer need? Could you donate it to a thrift store and provide treasure for someone else? Set a goal to donate at least one bag of items to your local thrift store this next month.  It will clear up space in your home and provide treasure for others.

What treasure would you like to find in a thrift store?