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Writing with Pictures
Recently a student asked me, "What is your favorite part of being an author?"

I answered, "As much as I love having books in print, the real gift of being a published author, is being asked to go into schools and work with young people on writing and illustrating their own stories."

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Discussing How Story and Illustrations Work Together

In New York City, many of my school visits are done through Behind the Book. This is a wonderful organization that brings authors and illustrators into schools. We work with students and their teachers over 3-5 weeks. The program empowers students through improving their reading, writing, and thinking skills. Thus, boosting their confidance.

It is so wonderful to watch these children blossom in not only their skills, but also in their self worth.

Author at Work
When working in grade schools, I usually use, "Not Afraid of Dogs," as our model.

Students write their own "Not Afraid of ...." stories. I love watching them come to the realization on their own that fears are usually based on lack of knowledge about a topic - be it spiders, fish, or thunderstorms; or their imaginations - fear of monsters, vampires, or dinosaurs.

Illustrator Proudly Displaying Her Work
I am especially glad that illustration is part of my overall program, because for many students writing is still a challenge. Pictures allow them to tell their stories, to get their thoughts organized. Then helps them as a prompter when writing out the words.
Plus, I just love to see what kids draw!

Amazing Collection of Young Author / Illustrators

I visit schools across the United States, New York to California....and of course, I stop in the heartland to visit young people in my original home state of Kansas.

I even visit schools in other France!

I'd Love to Visit Your School Next.

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Keep Writing and Drawing Your Stories!!!

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