Not Afraid of Dogs

by Susanna Pitzer
Illustrations by Larry Day

Published by Walker and Company

"Daniel isn't afraid of spiders. He isn't afraid of snakes. He isn't even afraid of thunderstorms. And no matter what his sister says, he's certainly not afraid of dogs...he just doesn't like them.

But one day, he comes home to find his mom babysitting his aunt's dog. When a raging thunderstorm in the middle of the night forces him to confront the howling hound, what will Daniel do?

"Not Afraid of Dogs" is a humorous look into the nature of courage, fear, and friendship. It will appeal to both the brave and the frail of heart."

Read Susanna's Interview with Monica Wellington about the story behind "Not Afraid of Dogs."

Winner Golden Kite Award, Kansas Notable Book Award, St. Mary's Book Award, Children's Choice Book, Keystone to Reading Book

What Reviewers have to say:

"...Pitzer does a terrific job in turning the table on fear..."  Reading Today, International Reading Association

"Text and pictures work on every level, and readers will remember Daniel and Bandit long after they put the book down."  School Library Journal, starred review

"An encouraging story for the many children who are afraid of dogs...or just don't like them."  Booklist

"...succinct text contains realistic dialogue...and the illustrations allow kids, dog-phobic or not, to both sympathize with Daniel's fear and laugh at it."  Horn Book Magazine

"This encounter between the frightened boy and the even more frightened dog is sensitively handled..." Kirkus Reviews

Grandfather Hurant Lives Forever

by Susanna Pitzer
illustrations by Kyra Teis

published by Centering Corporation

"This is a deeply moving story about the depths of Grigor's grief in the face of losing his beloved Grandfather Hurant. It offers the wisdom of centuries in a simple tale about an old Armenian rug maker and his grandson.

When death deals its severe blow, nothing can appease the boy except his grandfather's love, which comes back to him in smells, words, textures, and pride, until the boy gets beyond his grief to follow his grandfather's path."

--review from Barbara Seuiling, author of many books for children, including the successful "Robert" series and "How to Write a Children's Book and Get it Published."

A Bunch of Balloons

by Dorothy Ferguson
illustrated by Susanna Pitzer

published by Centering Corporation

A book to help grieving children acknowledge what they have lost and celebrate what they still have left when someone they love has died.

illustrated by Susanna Pitzer

published by Centering Corporation

You are now walking down the lonely road of separation and divorce. How will you tell your child that you will no longer live together as a family?

Includes a storybook section for children and adults to read together. Following is a section for parents to use to open up communication between the parent and child by giving discussion questions and helpful advice.

Even though you and your spouse will walk separate paths, the challenging task is to demonstrate to your youngsters both by word and by touch that you remain parents and will love them always.

illustrated by Susanna Pitzer

published by Centering Corporation

A young boy grieves over the loss of his brother and in the process remembers the good times they had. Then he starts painting pictures of his memories and the healing begins.

Below are Inspiring Books by Michael Fleishman: They include some of my words and illustration work

published by Allworth Press

This inspiring resource will help artists find professional and personal support in the struggle to stay creative and profitable in the field of illustration.

Behind the scenes interviews with more than sixty of today's most fascinating illustrators reveal how others have kept growing as artists and as individuals.

Written by an accomplished illustrator and educator, this book asks timely questions and provides pertinent answers to topics including: How to define yourself as an illustrator, The significance of an art education, Mechanical skills versus conceptual skills, Balancing your personal and professional life and much more.

This book provides real-world practical inspiration for illustrators at every stage of their careers.

published by Allworth Press

 Drawing Inspiration is a one of a kind text for beginning illustrators. This book examines the relationship between academic and professional illustration through the ideas and first hand experiences of professional illustrators working in the field today. 

With hundreds of diverse hand-rendered and digital images, readers can explore a world of illustration that has no limits. While learning the fundamentals and basic principles of illustration, readers will also gain insight on how these concepts can be used in the professional world. Drawing Inspiration will not only educate readers, but it will also inspire them to reach their full artistic potential.