Over the years, I have written 15 plays that 
have been produced for young audiences.

To Receive a Copy of any of the Following Plays or 
to Commission Me to Write a Play,


From Visible Theatre, NYC production
Clucky, the Brave Little Hen

Cast of 6 
(playing multiple roles)
Length:   45 minutes

Clucky, a factory chicken, dreams of living a free-range life. She braves an escape from factory life to embark on an adventure toward her goal.

While being chased across the countryside by chicken factory workers, Clucky is helped by a nature-challenged girl, a compost stirring grandma, various farm animals, and the rooster of her dreams. Ultimately, Clucky saves herself.

 "Clucky, the Brave Little Hen" is a high energy romp into the subjects of sustainable farming, the cycle of life, composting, farm animals, growing vegetables, and figuring out where we, humans, fit into the overall picture. Most important..."Clucky" is a message of being brave enough to stand up to others and follow your dream.

Click here to see a fun video of the "Clucky"cast at Stone Barns.

"Clucky, the Brave Little Hen," was commissioned by Visible Theatre, NYC and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.


Grimm Sisters

Cast: 30 - 45
Includes: Favorite fairy tale characters, trees, animals, and vegetables.
Length:   1 hour

You know the witches from all the major Grimm's Fairy Tales, but did you know they were related?
Rapunzel, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty may have had hard lives, but what do you think these three teenagers put their 'step mothers' through?

"This play offers a fresh look at the fairy tales "Hansel and Gretal," "Snow White," "Sleeping Beauty," and "Rapunzel," with a glimpse into the motivation behind the witches' wicked deeds. Woven into the scenes is a message about being yourself, trusting each other and seeking forgiveness. The resolution of each of the dilemmas offers a more realistic 'happily ever after" than the original tales."
-- Norine Spears, Lawrence Journal World

"What Gifts Should We Bring the Baby Princess?"
"Sure! I'll Trade Rapunzels for a Baby."

"No One Will Get Past These Briar Bushes!"

.                                                                                                                                             .


Cast of 7
Length:  45 minutes

In this version of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella has a fairy dogmother. One who was also there for her mother and grandmother.  The Prince is also lucky to have a wise dog to keep him on the right path...and helping get these two young people together.


Monsters in the Closet

Cast of 5
Length:  45 minutes

In order to go back to their home planet, monsters, Larissa and Samantha, must help a little girl overcome a fear of 'monsters in the closet."

This isn't easy for two monsters who are desperately afraid of children.

This play is currently being updated and will be available again soon.


The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck

Cast of 5
Length:  20 minutes

Adapted from Beatrix Potter's story.

Jemima Puddleduck wants to hatch her own eggs, but the farmer's wife keeps collecting them. So, Jemima hides in the woods to lay and set on her eggs and in doing so becomes pry for a sly fox.


Is it Curtains for Ghastly Hall?

14 year old Zinnia Ghastly grew up above Ghastly Hall, as did her father, her grandfather, and her great grandmother. It started as a fine old theatre, turned vaudeville house, and then movie theatre.

But what's going to happen to it theatre really dying...and the movies? Who goes anymore?

Over the years, the place has gotten downright spooky. Great Grandmother, Chrysanthemum Ghastly, thinks it still has some magic, even though the majority of her family think it's time to move on.

Will Ghastly Hall be sold? Demolished? Is that what's meant to be? Or can Zinnia and her best friend, Jennifer, come up with a plan to give Ghastly Hall a new phase of life?

A play that honors the strength found when old and new work together to build something stronger for the future. Not about replacing the old or ignoring the new, about merging the best of both.