Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Trouble with Cookies

yes, I know, that is a surprising title coming from me.

I love cookies...homemade cookies, good bakery cookies, but not just any old cookie, not store bought or day old bakery cookies.

But I digress.

For me, the trouble with cookies is that if there is a cookie in my house, it's like I have job --to eat every cookie until they are gone.

Tonight, I came home with new cookies...a local lady bakes them with potato chips inside...
but before I could eat those cookies...I had to eat the last two cookies from a delicious batch I had baked yesterday, plus a tiny bit of supper, then I started eating the new cookies.

The problem? I'm full, and there are still cookies to eat.

It's night. If it was morning, I would have an entire day to eat the cookies.

Maybe I need mental assistance...hmmm?

Ahhh...this writing has helped...I write a bit...get up-eat a cookie...write a bit...cookie...my working pattern has kicked in.

The cookies might be a blessing. I can use this momentum of cookie/writing to start working on the new proposal for Brave Little Hen webisodes.

What a relief! Cookies aren't trouble for me afterall.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Everywhere I GO...TV!

Like a spreading virus, television is invading all the places that I want to be quiet or read...

the NYC taxis now have a television in the back seat...but thank goodness it can be turned off;

the airport waiting area has a television. There's enough chaos in waiting areas. I don't want to listen to CNN and destruction around the world while I'm waiting to get on an airplane. I want to read something escapist.

But worst of all, the television has invaded doctor's office waiting areas...

Oh wait, worse than that...the actual doctor's exam room...

This past week, I went to my dentist...a television hung up in the waiting room, but 'thank goodness' the sound was off.

Then I went into the exam room, got into the lounging dentist chair...saw a huge television on the wall...thought, "oh, maybe that's how they show you what's going on with your teeth these days."

But no! They turned on the huge annoying thing.

Then to make matters worse and to the point of unbelievable...the dentist comes in...and she is lovely...but she was watching television while she cleaned my teeth!

and I use cleaned my teeth loosely, because I think she missed a few spots when she had her focus on Tiger Woods.

Luckily, I have really good teeth and there wasn't anything wrong with them...but still...

when I go to the dentist or doctor or when I'm having a discussion with someone...I want them to pay attention to me. Who doesn't?

and I guess the dentist doing such an extreme thing made me think again about how crazy it is to watch television at a family meal. Shouldn't we give each other attention?

Nothing bad is going to happen to us if we miss a little television.