Monday, July 23, 2018

Everybody Reads Week - P.S. 87 - May 11

Cover Sketch based on Student's Suggestions
Every year now for...hmmm? 6-8 years? I've been part of Everybody Reads Week at P.S. 87 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

It's an amazing week long event with people from the community, including, fire fighters, police officers, council people, actors, authors, illustrators, moms and dads, etc. doing presentations and reading to the classes.

The week is also filled with activities for the students around books. I'm usually there on the day students (and faculty) dress as their favorite book characters. So fun and funny!

This year, I shared a draft of my new picture book about a little girl named Mabel who rides the orphan train.

After giving a power point presentation that included the book draft with illustrations, historical information about Mabel and some of the other real life characters, history of the orphan train, etc., I opened up a discussion with attending students - 1 second grade class and 2 third grade classes. The students had great ideas for possible book titles, cover illustrations, comments on what they thought of the book, what could be added, what might be missing. They were full of questions about what happened to the real Mabel. Luckily, I could tell them that she had  lived a good, long, full life.

Shown is the draft of a cover sketch based on the ideas of a student.

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